New Construction Loans


DuTrac’s Lock-n-Build Plus Home Construction Loan program can be a “onetime close.” This home construction loan program finances the construction of a primary residence or a second home provided that both the construction financing and permanent loan are all done in one closing.

Lock-n-Build Plus gives you the opportunity to design and build the home of your dreams without dealing with the worries associated with the mortgage process. No more holding your breath hoping rates don’t increase while you’re building. But even better, a very low, up-front construction rate gives you the flexibility needed as your dreams are turned into reality. You can “lock in” the rate at closing and begin the new home construction process. All this happens automatically and without added mortgage fees.

To assist the appraiser and the lender in determining the value of the home after it is built, the following information is helpful:

  • What is going to be built or constructed?
  • What quantity and types of materials are being used?
  • How much is the actual labor going to cost?
  • How much did the land cost and what is it worth today?
  • How much will be spent on plans and permits?

If you have further questions regarding DuTrac Community Credit Union’s products or services, please contact a highly qualified real estate lending consultant by email at, in person at any of DuTrac’s convenient locations or by phone at (563) 582.1331, or (800) 475.1331.